Michevous Muses

Apart from all things motherly, I have been caught up with the technical side of the trade. Editing is my bread and butter in this business and so I have had my nose in page after page of contract work. As I get further into the assignment, I realise that reading for leisure has taken a big back seat and no matter what social app I’m engaged in when I’m not at work, I’m editing the text as I read.

I write Facebook posts only to find myself editing my statuses later the same day. How many people do you know that would actually admit to that? Yes, I suffer with a bit, okay, a lot, of OCD.

I still spend a lot of time looking at my novel, thinking about working on my novel, reviewing my novel in my mind’s eye and thinking about how I could work on it if only I had the time and wondering when I am going to have the time, to come up with the time, to work on my blog and brainstorm ideas for articles for publication.

It seems I have forgotten something very fundamental about writing until this moment and that is, to just write. So here I am, at my keyboard, letting the muse take over, and while she has been unreliable as of late, I try to remind myself that people don’t wait for their coffee to brew. They have to make it first. So, if coffee is the end result of brewing coffee grinds and hot water, anything I write, is the result of hard work, patience and perseverance.

When the muse doesn’t come to you, go out, find her and even if she doesn’t have much to say, at least it’s a start.

No matter how little material she gives you, keep on writing. Set a word count goal. Small to start if the ideas aren’t rolling in, and as time goes by, increase your word count, until you find yourself more productive in your writing endeavors as time passes. If word counts aren’t your thing, try free writing. Hint: See my previous blog on increasing your creativity.

My real life muses, my husband and children, and the family members I am closest to, are often on my mind and inspire me not just to write, but to live life to the fullest. You know whom you are. I am blessed to have such special people in my life.

Lack of literary muses aside, I am excited about a children’s book I am self-publishing and the talented people who are helping me bring this dream to fruition.

 *Previously published in The Ink Never Runs Out

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