I admit it. I am at fault. But before I explain my crime, please hear me out. I am a Mom of two wonderful children. I am a wife to a good man who works hard and hardly complains. Before my crime, I was caught up in washing dishes, taking photos, photography is a passion of mine. I got covered with markers quite recently. My two-year-old must have thought me to be quite fashionable. My son created masterpieces which I display proudly on my fridge. Some of the pictures we drew were quite, well, abstract. I’ve always said I cannot draw a stick person to save my life.

I was busy editing not one but two books for another phenomenal author and completed said projects recently. The phone would ring on occasion. Mostly, I would sit down and then it would happen. The internet would swallow me whole and I would be devoured by popular sites and social media. I have even been known to spend time conversing with my husband.

In my defence, I didn’t see it coming. It could have happened to anyone. It could be happening to you right now and you wouldn’t even know it. It was a crime of passion and I admit myself to be guilty of the crime I believe every writer commits at least once in their professional career.

I can’t admit what it is just yet, Mary Poppins is playing on my television set for the umpteenth time and this is quality time with the family. My actions, rather my inactions have finally caught up to me. I am trying to make amends.

I want to tell you it is inevitable. I wish there was a way you might never know the feeling I have right now. The guilt that comes with procrastination. There, I’ve said it. Admitting it is an important first step. I have been putting off revising my thriller since April 28th. Life has found its way with me and now I have come clean. I wonder if this is the resolution you anticipated or, if in the craft of narrating this blog I elicited enough suspense that you too found yourself even for a moment procrastinating. I said it again, and wondering to yourself, what comes next?

Writers of the world it could or maybe has happened to you as it happened to me. I am proof that you can find your way back to your work. It takes time, but time is what we have in this world isn’t it? As for me, with this blog I’ve created a good word count for the time being reminding me that there’s still work to be done and with a little(lot) of determination (and Tim’s coffee)I can get the final copy of this novel ready. What about you? Set a writing goal for yourself today and see what happens. Whatever you do, don’t procrastinate, you may just find yourself caught up in the daily joys of living. #Ilovewriting


One thought on “Guilty!

  1. Kelly, with all the things you do with family and editing I don’t think you are guilty of procrastination, you need about 12 more hours in the day. 😀 But I loved how you wrote the post, a great example of suspense. I’m happy to hear that you are finding time for your own work.

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