Writers that you (may) want to know

Writers that you (may) want to know

There are many writers in the world. While the list of writers of different genres and literature is extensive, the common stereotypes of writers that intrigue me the most are encapsulated in this blog. Do you recognise yourself or a friend in the descriptions below?

Writers with ideas

In my experience these writers are walking brainstorms of poems and prose. They almost always have something eloquent to say, a great idea about what would make a good action script or fantasy novel, yet somehow they are missing the, je ne sais quoi, to get their get- up- and- go, get- up –and- going when it comes to the writing. These writers often make ideal critique partners and beta readers.

Writers that write

I used to belong to this club. These writers keep periods of their precious time aside for nothing but writing. These are the writers who are least likely to be happy you interrupted them for a phone call, dinner, a natural disaster. Okay, maybe the last thing I listed but in all honesty these writers have an ongoing love affair with their work. These writers are best appreciated for who they are and subtle reminders that long walks in the rain and going to a coffee shop are romantic ideas for potential story ideas, as well as helpful for quality time together, so they don’t feel guilty that they’re not writing and everybody wins.

Writers that rewrite

Rewrite once, get yourself a coffee and a pat on the back, rewrite twice, get yourself an editor and polish your work, rewrite three times; you’re not finished yet? Perfection isn’t everything. Wrap it up, pack it up and ship it out! You can only rewrite that manuscript so many times before you start stripping the story of its necessary elements. Sometimes in rewrite phase writers take out too much of the setting and readers no longer have a sense of where they are in the story, or they add to much description to let’s say, characters, ie;George, going from his hotel room to the airport. Get him on the damn plane already! Keep the action moving in the story. If by the second rewrite he isn’t mid-air doing cartwheels, he never will be. The things that are best refined in the editing process are story structure, grammar and syntax. Get a qualified or at least knowledgeable editor for your script/manuscript if you want to be successful.


Closet Writers

I have met a few ‘closet’ writers. They exempt themselves from the category of aspiring writer amateur writer or professional writer because they do not go the traditional route of publishing their work for an audience. People, I’ve got news for you. If you’ve strung so much as a sentence together in your life time and signed your name or a pen name to the work, you are a writer and no amount of ‘not sharing’ your work with the world will disprove my theory. Take a chance. Sharing your work with others, whether friends or family can be a very empowering experience. You might surprise yourself.



Writers who become authors

These are the people who don’t take, ‘no’ for an answer in the publishing industry. They are the creative minds who will tack the rejection letters to the wall, strike them through with a similar red pen, the hallmark of rejection in ink format and in response they write, so what? Next! on their responses and they send out another few queries. (Unless the editor has written a personalised response in which case it’s free advice and it may be helpful to your writing career to consider it). Writers who later become authors, like parents of a newborn, sometimes go through periods of sleep deprivation to write, I do not advise this) write through sickness, write amidst political upheaval or being surrounded by social injustice and they pound away at the keyboard until the story has its resolution and even if there’s no coffee or in the case of smokers, cigarettes left in their house. They will run to the nearest corner store or coffee shop, pen and paper, or laptop in their hands and they keep writing their novel or querying publishers until that book makes it to the book stores and into peoples’ hands.

Which writer are you? The truth is, it doesn’t matter; as long as you start or keep on writing!


One thought on “Writers that you (may) want to know

  1. Great post, when I asked myself what kind of writer I was, I realized that at some point in my writing life I have been all of them.

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