An Interview with Catina Noble

Author Catina Noble
Author Catina Noble displays some of the periodicals, chap books and the book her work has been published in.

Q. Where were you born?

I was born in Kingston.

Q. How many siblings do you have? Brother or sisters?

A. My sisters are Valerie and Cori.

Q.Where did you get your education growing up?

A. I was educated in Ottawa. I went to Algonquin College and I got my social service worker diploma in 2006. At Carleton I took a BA with a major in psychology.

Q. When did you develop an interest in writing?

A. I started writing when I was five or six. I liked that it was something that was my own. It built my confidence. When your cup is running empty and someone compliments you (your work) or likes your article it makes a difference. If one person reads it (her writing) and likes it, that makes it all worth-while.

Q. What are your favourite writing genres?

A. I like writing poetry, short stories, fiction, non-fiction.

Q.Who is your audience?

A.I am currently working on a Y/A novel.

Q.Who were some of your writing inspirations?

A. I like Sylvia Plath, Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Q. Tell me about some of the work you have published. (Books or otherwise.)

A. I’ve been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul Readers Choice, the Prairie Journal, the Riverview Park Review and I stayed with them for 4-5 years. (Catina has also published several chap books such as: Pussyfoot and Clean Up in Aisle 4.)

Q. How do you deal with rejections from publishers?

A. (An anecdote):“A poem was once pulled from one of my collections so I sent it somewhere else that loved it. This just shows how subjective it (rejection) is. I used to collect my ‘rejections’.” (She says that rejections were proof she was working towards her goals.) “I stopped doing that,” she adds.

Q. Are you an indie publisher or do you prefer traditional publishing?

A. I’m what some people call a hybrid author.

Q. Have you won any awards?

A. One of my poems won third place in a writing competition there are a few others that were runner –up. I also had a poem shortlisted with the Canadian Authors Association in the poetry category in 2014.

Q.How did it feel to win an award?

A.He (the person with her) looked at me and he said, “Catina, I think you placed. I was like, “What?” So they announced the third place the second place. When they announced first place I was like, “Whaaat?” They were telling me to come up and stuff. It felt really good. Amazing experience.”

Q. What are some of the activities that interest you outside of writing?

A.I also like photography and art.

Q. Where can your work be found?


Thanks for your time.


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