Resurrecting the Forgotten; finding purpose in your old work

To say that I have been busy would be a huge understatement. I have been living life to its fullest. I am making my dreams turn into reality. I am cleaning the children and dressing the house all while editing others’ writing and working on my own. Today I had a little bit of free time and of course, I was on social media checking out #MSWL on Twitter.

For those of you whom are new to social media #MSWL (manuscript wish list) is an event on Twitter where agents and editors post what they are hoping for from writers and writers, like sheep in the pasture follow orders and submission guidelines hoping to enter the golden gate of representation and writing contracts in the publishing industry. (You can also check out for similar information)

Reading through the array of #MSWL requests, I happened to hypothetically ‘trip over’ an editor’s wish for a manuscript in a genre that I write about a protagonist in an industry that I have already written. That editor would want my manuscript, just one problem, after finishing my creative writing course at Humber College last year I abandoned it and created my thriller which is now in its second draft.

Like sand through my fingers, I have missed the open window to pitch a story I already had written about a topic the editor wanted. What are the odds I will find that twice? It is encouraging to know there is a market for this piece though and I am tempted to resurrect it from the graveyard of pixels and damp pages of the last draft that is sitting in my basement office. I was over a hundred pages in on this baby.

Do I have time to add this project on my list of writing projects to complete? Today I realise I need to start that list and then start working on it. Words for thought; maybe you should too. Is there an old manuscript that you have been neglecting? Maybe there’s an editor or agent out there who would have been helping you get it into the stages of production. It could be the next best seller.

What are you waiting for? Get ‘er done.

I’d love to hear about your writing adventures or any projects you are working on.

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