Indie authors, self-publishing and crowdfunding; oh why?


I made the decision to self-publish my children’s book, Loved Like Me after realising several very important things.

  1. No one is going to care about my book as much as I do.
  2. I have the resources at my fingertips to make this happen via the internet and networks IRL.
  3. Agents cost money once the contracts are signed. I do not want to share my profits from this book with anyone besides (possibly) a charity.
  4. This book is not something mainstream and would have been harder to continue to market to publishers.
  5. I have the experience in writing and I have done the research in marketing to know I can make this happen on my own.
  6. I have a supportive family and a talented illustrator, Rob Nicholson, whom has already invested their time supporting my dreams. Support teams are crucial when going it alone and mine is awesome!
  7. On-line publishing takes a lot less time than waiting for books to come out through a publishing house.
  8. This book has a message that I believe in and want to share with everyone willing to read it.
  9. I’ve already paid a professional editor, Trevor Clayton, and he has perfected the errors in my script to the best of his ability.
  10. While self-publishing is costly, indie authors can offset the cost by running a fundraising campaign to offset the cost of self-publishing and I have already started mine.

How you can support your favorite up and coming authors:

  1. Share their passion projects (books) or fundraising campaigns through social media. The more author’s name comes up in search engines the more ‘visible’ they become.
  2. ‘Follow’ their blogs and newsletters and ‘share’ them. (See reason above).
  3. Tell other people about their work by word of mouth. It may sound old-fashioned but it’s still one of the best ways to get word around.
  4. If this person is a friend or family member take the time to speak to them and give them your support verbally.
  5. When the book is published share the news with as many people as you can or gift the books for a special occasion to loved ones. Books still make a great gift.
  6. Write and post reviews. This helps the author gain exposure and it helps new readers find their way to the author’s work.

Thinking of self-publishing a book r know a writer who may be? Check out and You might also enjoy the book The Self-Publishing Manual by Dan Poynter.




5 thoughts on “Indie authors, self-publishing and crowdfunding; oh why?

  1. Wow perfect timing for me. I answered yes to all your points, and although I had already decided to self-publish, now I feel even better about it! Thanks

  2. Well done Kelly. I support your move to crowd fund. Not sure I could do it but I know authors who have and been successful.

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