From Contemporary Literature to the Big Screen


I’ve been living the life. Writing assignments have never made me happier and deadlines give me the purpose I need to thrive in an industry where the pace that you write is as important as the quality of what you can produce.

Never mind fame and fortune. It’s a tremendous journey getting to The End of it all. The end of my school assignments (majoring in English at a renowned university) the end of revising the second draft of a thriller that I am now signed up to pitch to a publisher at the end of October (no pressure here) the end of the insanity of being a writer where writing is work and work meets home life which meets the lack of my social life.

Somewhere between family life and work life is the life of the ‘starving artist’. The writer mom, who has plenty of actual food to eat and an overflow of muses and assignments and realises the biggest and most important fact of all: I am living my dreams. I am making things happen for my writing career while taking care of my family with the support of a wonderful husband and children. Writing is a lonely business of that I am certain but the act of writing brings me happiness that no blank cheque can put a price on.

I have the privilege of editing others’ work. I mull over imperfections in their manuscripts while trying to perfect my own and then passing my work to an experienced editor. I do not bore easily in the day as there is no time for me to sit still in the day between family time, school assignments, work contracts and maintaining this and one other blog all the while contemplating what my next short will be and practising my elevator pitch.

Bigger than all of this I realise something grander, that none of this dream is possible without you, the reader, the viewers, the community of writers and screenwriters I am surrounded with that build each other up and help each other move forward in this line up we call life.

The truth is, I may never reach the end of it all, because if I did, chances are I would no longer be living my dreams, or they would have to be put on hiatus for some time. While that very well may happen one day, I am grateful for the support of the writing community and the writers and viewers who support my work and that of my peers.


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