Christmas Cookies and Blogger’s Block

Christmas is only weeks away. (Frightening? Or super? Isn’t it?) I have been up to my fingertips in lists of things to do. After all there’s gifts to buy, Christmas songs to mouth the words to when I dance in my kitchen and no one is watching. (I hope) and, (it’s not as pretty as it sounds). Then there’s Christmas classics to watch, I especially love Miracle on 34th Street and of course this short has a great cast and crew we have to produce by February.

I’m a first time filmmaker and long-time writer but I’m diving into the frigid waters of production and going ahead full throttle with producing my first short. Although someone pointed out to me that man vs. nature can clearly be an issue in the production world as much as it is applicable as a great type of conflict in fiction novels. You might be wondering what the problem is with all this excitement about in my busy-ness. The truth is I simply haven’t felt like blogging. What?!?! You may be thinking. Yes. It happens.

Nothing print worthy has come into my head for almost two weeks now. My muse is clearly on vacation and freewriting has come to a standstill with no more than a few words written longhand in a notebook I’ve started writing in a journal that was gifted to me by a friend. I meant to thank that person for reminding me what a joy it is to write longhand as for years I have recorded all my thoughts electronically. I’ve heard your brain operates differently when you are writing with a pen or pencil in your hand. It really is a more engaging process.

At any rate, I was trying to think of what I could write about when I had nothing to write about and came to (I think) a common conclusion. Writers will often use writer’s block or having nothing to write about as an excuse to write about writing about nothing. The trouble with this is that it is not fun to read about not having anything to write about so instead I bring to you Merry Christmas wishes with finding the muse in family fun. Baking Christmas cookies and how it helped me find my muse.

We writers are often known to be solitary by nature, living our lives in hibernation with (and at times like this, without) the muse. One with the pen, typewriter, computer. Taking notes on our cell phones instead of talking to the people next to us. Sometimes we find ourselves spending more time with our work than with the people we love most whether out of necessity or habit. This is what I love about the holidays. It is the time of year for people to reconnect.

Now, anyone who knows me knows I dislike cooking, simply because I feel more in my element in an office typing away than a kitchen cooking over a hot stove. But, I made exceptions for cooking beyond necessity during the holiday season this year so I could spend the afternoon baking cookies with my family. And the rewards came in leaps and bounds.

Covered in flour, I looked like a woman who was more domestic than career oriented. (It suits me well I’m told).It gave me joy to see the smiles on my children’s faces as we put sprinkles on the cookie dough and the smell of the cookies rising in the oven gave light to my senses. My husband was busy with mixing the cookie dough as our children crowded about him in amazement at the whole process.

Sight, touch, taste, sound and hearing awakened my muse and my appetite for blogging. Inspiration found in cookie dough. I was waiting on the results of a tasty shortbread cookie recipe as I soaked in the merry environment about me.

There may be no snow outside yet, but the Christmas spirit is alive and well within me and so is the blogger, who, for a while, simply didn’t know what to blog about. And I’ll tell you something, those cookies were delicious.


One thought on “Christmas Cookies and Blogger’s Block

  1. I enjoyed your blog you don’t sound blocked to me. Film making sounds so exciting. I wish you luck. The kids will enjoy the cookies. Enjoy it while you can they grow up far to fast.

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