Just Call Me Author

Here is the link to my latest work,one of my very favourite accomplishments.http://www.blurb.com/books/6790350-loved-like-me?t=1451419109649
#Tim Hortons #OneTrueThing #sleepwhat’sthat?#family#chocolate#writing#film#screenwriting These are a few of the things I like in life. I also like early mornings with my husband, kids and coffee, compared to late nights on the town with great music and dancing. (Yes, in part because I simply lack the energy to do the ‘fun stuff’ that my peers get to enjoy and also because I admit, I’m left-footed). Sense the green-eyed monster? I admit it’s possible, a little.

As a child I liked reading a lot, Roald Dahl, Judy Blume, those books where you got to pick your own ending. Weren’t those grand? When I wasn’t reading I was writing. Any ideas I had as a young girl I put down in writing different genres, a lot were journal entries, most of which have long since disappeared and I no longer remember anything about. One short story sticks out in my memory because my grade school teacher thought it was good enough to put in the school’s library.

Dashful and the Case of the Missing Unicorns was originally a class assignment. It was later peer illustrated and bound together with staples and a construction paper cover, something I relented to tell you about in a previous blog. As a writer I feel the need to defend my work: I realise that the title is a bit long –winded but hey, I was nine when I wrote it. And then the oxymoron comes into play: I am reminded that a writer cannot defend his work when the reader is alone with the prose which has them for a captive audience. So, I admit defeat in this instance and share this experience as a lesson in things not to do when coming up with book titles.

As a child I wanted to believe that writing project made me an author. It carried my dreams of becoming an author through grade and high school until I finally got my work published in a community paper and went on to J-school at Algonquin College where I learned the importance of appreciating and proper use of the tools that help craft a great news piece. I was happy to obtain my diploma and instead have the title of journalist. Unfortunately I had more of a taste for writing about social issues, human interest, entertainment stories, and poetry among other things, than covering politics.

Almost twenty years of experience as a freelance journalist led to writing and selling my first short. I had the pleasure of being on the judging panel for Digi60 and learning an immense amount about the craft of screenwriting as a result. (I’m working on producing my first short, written by yours truly, in 2016. SAY IT AGAIN WITH FEELING, Stay tuned…)

Flash forward to December 29th and I sit here beside myself because today I am no longer “just” a writer. I am an author. Loved Like Me, first editions of a story about a young boy who learns he is adopted and the struggles he has figuring out who he is and how he fits into his adoptive family have been ordered. The book I slaved away at for five years is finally published.

I want to shout, “I am an author,” from the rooftops of Ottawa. The problem is, that no matter how elated I am about congratulatory messages and an awesome celebratory spaghetti dinner with homemade garlic bread (and let me tell you my husband makes a mean spaghetti at that) in the same breath I shout my success to the world and rejoice, I realise my work has just begun.

Now if I want to sell my book to the masses I will have to really kick up my marketing skills, possibly make time for book tours, author meet n’ greets and such. I think to myself, wasn’t the point just to write and publish a book? Was it ever about going on the road and aspiring to gain great fortune? (For which I am realistic enough to realise will not happen with this particular book.)

Will this book become the focus of my life? It has taken up periods of time over the last five years. It has meant months of rejections from traditional publishers who lost the opportunity to represent me and my work. (As a self-published author you HAVE to believe in the value of your ‘product’ long before anyone else will.)

Becoming a self-published author has meant studying the craft of writing, consultations with an editor, illustrator and graphic designer all of whom I am fortunate to say are wickedly blessed at what they do. Whether I sell one copy of my book or twenty, I can’t help but repeat that I am both proud and happy to say that after a lot of hard work and persistence towards reaching this goal, I have published my first children’s book, Loved Like Me (available on Blurb). I am an author now, and third to being a mother and wife, nothing to me besides that, could be a better way to end 2015.

So if you see me on the street and you feel like saying hey, please, just call me Author.


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