Just Call Me Author

I just have to share this one more time. #sohappy

Not My Straitjacket

#Tim Hortons #OneTrueThing #sleepwhat’sthat?#family#chocolate#writing#film#screenwriting These are a few of the things I like in life. I also like early mornings with my husband, kids and coffee, compared to late nights on the town with great music and dancing. (Yes, in part because I simply lack the energy to do the ‘fun stuff’ that my peers get to enjoy and also because I admit, I’m left-footed.) Sense the green-eyed monster? I admit it’s possible, a little.

I spent a lot of my childhood on a military base in Downsview, ON playing outside until the street lights went out, nagging my older brothers to play catch and teach me how to throw a curve ball and occasionally asking my older sister about ‘girly’ things but I also spent a lot of time in my room living vicariously through the written word.

I liked reading a lot, Roald Dahl, Judy Blume, those books…

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