The Dirtiest Words I’ve Ever Heard

Exposition: I have heard a lot of foul language in my life time, from the mundane, “Oh cookie crumbs,” to words I simply do not have the heart to put in writing or print for fear they might be rated ‘R’. No one likes the ‘A’ word, the ‘S’ word the ‘F’ word. Some people I have known used it as much as they drank coffee but that’s neither here nor there. What gets under my skin most these days is not whether or not someone is sneaking some vulgar profanity into their everyday language. Language is the colour of life. After all, as people we all have different dialects, patterns of speech, a variety of ways in which we annunciate our words.

Tomato, tomato. Did you say that the same twice or did you read both versions of that word? Inquiring minds want to know. Fiddlesticks, lost my thought. But honestly, as a new writer the biggest vulgarity in my life right now is the ‘M’ word, M for marketing. Book marketing. This is what my life must now include if I want my self-published book, Loved Like Me, to have any hope of surviving in the galaxy of books that exists on our planet.
Time to hit social media and make use of all those great social professional network connections I have amassed over the last year or two.
I spent the first week of 2016 celebrating in my mom/writer style this week with the release of the e-book and print versions of my first children’s book, Loved Like Me. It was illustrated by the very talented, Rob Nicholson.
Celebrating mom style means that I had a fancy homemade dinner and I feast on ice cream at home with a few of my favourite movies, (which I have yet to find time for),taking ‘social networking’ time on platforms like Facebook and occasionally talking to people face to face while I wait for my first editions to arrive.
This launch marks the end of what took me almost all of 2015 to get self-published and the beginning of my life as an author. Looking ahead, my writing calendar is in chaos. There are editing courses on the horizon, shorts to write and produce, a feature film I want to sell as soon as I find the time to adapt it from its present novel form (I made this one of my 2016 resolutions) and a novel to get the final edit done on and the list goes on. But wait- there’s more! Now I have to learn marketing.
Conflict: I don’t have the time, resources or marketing skills to push this book in the market place.
Rising Action: If/when I sell copies of this book, Loved Like Me, I will be able to start investing in other writing productions and projects. Time is my enemy. Woman vs. Herself: I must find the confidence to learn the skills I need to be successful or I am not going to be able to make it as a successful author. Will time defeat me? I am looking into learning marketing platforms through writers organisations such as Ottawa Independent Writers, online resources and of course other authors in the industry. Will time crush my dreams? Is there hope for selling one copy of my book before the end of the week? Inquiring minds want to know.
Crisis: The house looks lived in, the kids are happily entertained and play with one another occasionally including me in singing a rendition of songs seen on Mary Poppins, which I must have (willingly) watched a million times, I need to write something for my blog, I have editing and screenwriting and film commitments to meet, the coffee stopped working after the first sip today and I am waiting on results concerning entries for a film festival and writing contests.
Climax: Needs more story development but my eyes are fighting to stay open. I don’t know if exhaustion will win out before I can get this blog finished. I am running out of time. I am over exhausted and I have to get up in a few hours. I could market the blog based on this hook but it isn’t developed enough yet. Story development and a strong hook is key to selling scripts/stories.
Falling action: The hubby and I did the housework between eating, breathing and other uneventful necessities of life. My daughter plays on her toy computer and with her dolls, my son draws abstract art with finger paints or we all play Play Dough and sing silly songs between my writing script scenes and sometimes during. I take a break, play with the children and go back to writing and caring for them. It is tricky but entirely possible.
I am blessed with the gift of multi-tasking. I am determined to learn how to market my book so it becomes (yes, I can dream) a best seller. I realise in retrospect that I have accomplished a lot of the work I set out to do for pre-production, book editing, blogging and marketing. I realise that the film festival and contest winner announcements are a ways off and I take a breath. Time is still my enemy where the writing is concerned. There are and always will be deadlines to meet so long as this is my profession/vocation.
Resolution: I finish this blog, post it, share it with you, feel grateful that I have accomplished the things that I set out to do this evening. I turn off the computer and take some much needed ‘me’ time. That is to say, I plan on getting some sleep, although it is not likely that will be anytime soon.






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