How Every New Author Might Feel       There was that moment when I realised the first editions of Loved Like Me arrived in the mail that I grabbed the box and grasped it so tightly I might have dog-eared the package. There was the immediate excitement that races through every inch of you (rather, me) after you’ve (I’ve) spent five years of writing, procrastinating, working with the muse, editing, working with an illustrator and graphic designer, fundraising (as a result of self-publishing) and creating the finished product that left me walking on eggshells for two weeks. I was eagerly anticipating the arrival of the mail every day. Maybe my first editions would come early? (They did, by a day). And when they did, I couldn’t bring myself to open the package.

A lot of people might be familiar with Shroedinger’s cat but I had a version all my own – and it was a magical package. As long as I didn’t open it, I was 110% pleased with the culmination of my hard work and what it resulted in. I thought about leaving the package unopened until morning. I changed my Facebook status so my friends and family might understand my excitement; although does anyone ever get as excited about a new book as the author of said creation? Honestly, I doubt it. But, after updating my Facebook status I placed the package on the dining room table and did what any new author waiting for their first book for weeks would do — I went out and bought a coffee.

I perused the shops in the mall looking at things I wouldn’t mind buying and when I arrived at the coffee shop I poured my heart out to the poor cashier at the counter taking my order and explained how I couldn’t possibly open the package because, well…I was simply too nervous.

Too nervous. I did not work this hard for five years to let a little emotion get in the way of me opening a simple package; did I? I walked home faster than, as my mom used to say, “Carter has pills”. I don’t know who Carter was or why he has pills and I’m not sure what he was doing with them or where his parents were at the time but let me tell you, he wouldn’t have been doing that if he were my son…oh the imaginative mind of a writer. Carter most certainly would have been too busy with family, school and community support to have time for such endeavors.

It was so much easier to let my mind wander than to confront the package. It took some nudging from my very supportive and loving husband to finally convince me that this was something I needed to do.

The package opened, I took one deep breath as I ever so gently pulled the books out of the package, et voila. Just like that it hit me, I accomplished one of my life goals. I am more than pleased. The result of this book is more than I ever could have hoped for had I done it all on my own. The fact is, I couldn’t have done it on my own. I have a lot of people to thank, and now I have a lot of books I hope to sell but the road to success is paved in marketing, and that is a coffee of a different latte.

The books are out of the box. I’ve done it. I’m a published author. You can do it too! Keep at it, keep dreaming, keep working hard and keep writing. For anyone interested my book is available at


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