Stan ScreamsCarrie Hands Something to StanAction. Carrie-Anne enters the house, glances at the walking cane, at her husband and then at the white cane once more. A frustrated man slams a book on the floor; hell hath no fury like a man named Stan. Let the $%#^ hit the fan. Drama. Intense emotions. Reeling from the edge of their seats the producer and video editor for this project (that would be yours truly and another talented fellow) have been slaving away in the editing stages of the first short I will have ever produced. I’ve had some behind the scenes advice from some seasoned pros which I’m grateful for. Never has the business of learning the business of filmmaking been so cheap, entertaining and intensive. But it is all worth it.

When I started out on this adventure I expected I would option my script and let someone with experience produce it. And, a lot like the reason I self-published my first children’s book, Loved Like Me, I decided not to wait for someone to invest in the third short I ever wrote.

I’m not one for sitting around letting my manuscripts collect dust while people decide if they think me or my writing are worth their time. I decided I was going to produce this drama myself. After all, I had already paid the entry fee and it was do or, well, don’t do at this point. (And I had the catch item to prove it.) See for details. But I’m no quitter and making a film sounded like a lot of fun so I ‘jumped in with both feet’ so to speak.

My first task was finding talent for the script I am producing. That was when I recalled seeing Julianne Carioto on the screen and meeting her at a previous film engagement. I knew she was perfect for the character my mind’s eye created. I contacted her and was happy to learn she accepted the role of Carrie-Anne after some careful consideration.

I also needed a male lead, and in the end I found a gifted actor that was the right fit for the character; Stan, a man whose tunnel vision and gradual loss of his real vision was getting in the way of him realising how much he had in front of him when he felt he and his wife had so little.

Richard Groen brought his talent to the screen with his raw emotion and engaging characterisation of Stan that before filming only existed as a figment of imagination on paper. His powerful performance is not to be missed in this once in a lifetime premiere screening at Sparta 2016 on March 6th at Rainbow Cinemas.

Together Julianne and Richard make Carrie-Anne and Stan come alive during filming for the final picture that is expected to screen March 6th at Rainbow Cinemas. These are passionate actors; they are caring and the emotion in their performance is so raw it will grab your heart and you will feel it reach into your bones, metaphorically speaking of course; this is a drama not a thriller. (Or maybe that’s just my description of how it felt to be watching them acting out the scenes). Either way, it sounds writer-ish, don’t you think? The added mention of metaphors I thought sounded a bit cliché but appropriate for the tone of this piece, no need for similes, although this is mainly a writing blog I’ve got film fever.

Sometimes writers want to get you where it matters most when you sit down to the big screen. Right. In. The. Heart. There is a line-up of 27 talented filmmakers entered for this year’s Challenge. Are you ready to be moved? Metaphorically, of course.

I am hoping that people who come to see this short, Say It Once More With Feeling, will feel the raw emotion of the actors and recognise that a lot of hard work and talent has gone into this project in front of the screen and behind the scenes. I am really looking forward to seeing what the other competitors have come up with for their shorts and I know that in Ottawa there are some very talented filmmakers, directors and writers that could rival those in Hollywood.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get myself some popcorn. I think the last half of the edits will be in soon and I don’t want to miss the action.

March 6th the premiere is coming to Rainbow Cinemas. Will I see you there?






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