Romancing the Writer


Ten ways to say I love you on Valentine’s Day that writers’ everywhere might love.

  1. Watch the kids. Nothing says I love you like giving your significant other some free time to spend tucked away in the office writing. Adding a rose on the keyboard might be considered brownie points for the truly romantic at heart if the person you have in mind is not allergic to flowers.
  2. Write book reviews for that special someone and (at least) three of their author friends and post them on sites like Goodreads. Share the love this Valentine’s Day. Reviews help get the word out about author’s books and the more people who know the book is there, the better the odds of the author increasing their book sales.
  3. You and/or your kids can make customised bookmarks for the writer in your family. Writers tend to read a lot as part of their work. Homemade gifts show thoughtfulness and insight and are a special way to say I love you. This is one small way to do it.
  4. Ask the person you have in mind what new author’s book they are interested in reading and buy it for them. Wrap it with a hand written poem. The more romantic the better at Valentine’s, unless the author you’re thinking of is a friend of yours, then maybe just spread news of their book to at least five different people using social media and word of mouth.
  5. Like Keats? Shakespeare? Woo that special writer in your life by sitting together and taking turns reading poetry to one another from old poetry books. (Check out book stores like those located at the Ottawa Public Library’s second hand book shops for good deals.)
  6. Offer to read the writer’s work and offer an opinion or two on how it made you feel or if asked, where you felt the work could use improvement. Offer kind and encouraging criticisms and feedback.
  7. Take a trip to the library and borrow (and read) something your better half would usually be into. Surprise them with an on the spot review over a nice Valentine’s dinner.
  8. Trying to figure out what to buy? Manilla envelopes, stamps, pens, fountain pens, basically anything writing related, nice stationary for the writer’s personal work. If the writer in your home is a screenwriter index cards are always nice for storyboarding.
  9. A visual medium is always a nice change of pace, enjoy the written word on the screen, whether you sit down to watch a movie online together or go to the theatre, different styles of writing can be inspiring and watching films always offers writers the opportunity to study something new in the elements of writing.
  10. Thinking big? Writer’s retreats are very popular with varying destinations from your local hotels to exotic destinations, offering writer’s the opportunity to apply themselves to their WIPs. Whether your better half is able to go for a night or a weekend, vacation destinations aka a personalised writer’s retreat (of a different sort) offers the time to write between all the spaces where love sits idle.

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