How to Speak People

Carrie Hands Something to Stan

SAY IT ONCE MORE WITH FEELING which I produced and wrote and the short ABSTRACT that I wrote both make their premiere screening at Rainbow Cinemas at the St.Laurent mall this Sunday with films starting at 3p.m. A colleague asked me if I was looking forward to the screening to which I gave a long, dramatic, well-thought out (I think) response that if I were reading a book I would hope a witty character would come out with.

“If you consider biting your nails so far back that they start to bleed as any sign of being nervous, then yes, I’m anticipating this Sunday’s premiere,” or something to that affect was what I wrote on social media in response, although it came out much more eloquently when I had just revived my arteries with a fresh cuppa coffee. I quickly reassured this person that my response was meant to be dramatic as only a writer can create such convoluted response. In truth I am quite anticipating the excitement of the premiere. In the meantime, I continue to write.

Producing Say It Once More With Feeling (and the word ‘With’ is deliberately uppercased as a measure of style not grammatical correctness) and writing Abstract have deepened my understanding of the film industry and helped me to realise that in attempting to attain your goals and realise your dreams you are only as limited in life as the people you let hold you back. I had my family’s support from the beginning of this adventure and a lot, and I mean a lot of self-confidence to help me get this off the ground.

Ladies, gents, peeps everywhere: if you’re gonna produce, write and otherwise invest your time in the film industry make sure you are 110% committed to the project because once you jump in there is no turning back. I am so glad I committed to these projects!

What mattered as much as having a supportive family in the creation of writing both films but in particular producing Say It Once More With Feeling was the overwhelming support that the Ottawa film community has shown me. Shout out to Ottawa Filmmakers and The Writers’ Room as well as Ottawa Actors, the list goes on. I am very thankful for their support, knowledge and willingness to support each other and as it happened, their helping me learn the ropes and put together a drama that I am hoping will turn some heads. I am competing with some very fine and talented filmmakers and there is a diversity of actors to watch in these upcoming shorts.

With a great crew and a phenomenal cast for Say It Once More With Feeling (don’t miss Julianne Carioto or Richard Groen in this one of a kind drama) and listen to an original score by Stephan LaCasse. I also want to send a shout out to the hard working cast and crew of the script Abstract that I wrote, I am really looking forward to seeing as many supportive familiar and friendly faces at this event as possible and looking forward to meeting some newcomers as well. Funds are being raised for the Canadian Cancer Society through this event. For more information see the website

Sunday’s around the corner. It’s a big premiere for many. Will you be there?


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