Fall Calling

So I’ve been hiding out for a while. I have been busy learning. I’m studying screenwriting, taking on writing challenges (BlueCat Screenwriting Challenge) and editing other authors’ work.

It’s interesting to me how in dec0nstructing writing for its core elements while editing: story structure and plot consistency, diction, syntax and character development to name a few, I can better identify where the work could use improvement or rewriting in my own prose.

In every other moment of my waking life I am dedicated to my family and meeting their needs as best as I can. The life of a writer can be so ordinary at times. Picking up toys off the floor between sentences, sneaking away from the computer more often than not to build castles out of blocks with my daughter. Taking art lessons from my six-year -old son. Seriously, I cannot draw a convincing stick person to save my life.

I hope to get back to blogging more regularly in 2017 but for now, its all about creating fresh material to draw inspiration from and finishing up old writing projects.

Going to brew a cup of coffee now and try to prepare for my interview at 3:30 with Paperback Radio.(Interview airs August 30th between 1 and 2 p.m.).









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