Let it be Known

luckyHappy St. Paddy’s Day! The luck of the Irish seemed to be with me today. I finally got up the gumption (a word my husband uses a lot that seems to have rubbed off on me) to send off my novella, Nuka, to its first potential publishing home. And then hours later, I got a sneak peek (posted to my author page on Facebook) facebook.com/shewriteswords of my interview with a local celebrity in the cooking world in Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine.

I’m sharing my top three notes with you about my experience sending off the novella and how it compared to when I pitched my children’s book Loved Like Me to potential publishers (take notes):

  1. That nerve wracking feeling you get the second you hit the send button – it stays the same.
  2. The query letter was shorter, sweeter and (sticking to the KISS principle) the subject line followed suit but I wrote something (I hope) will grab the publishers attention as opposed to the standard “query letter” (because they get tons of those).
  3. Following the rush that comes with sending off years of hard work (okay months that spanned over a two year period) I still had that air of, did I just hang myself with a metaphorical noose? Should I change my name while no one still knows who I am? Followed by, about time you sucked it up, buttercup. Next!
  4. I feel ready to tackle a new novel but not before celebrating completion of this project. Rewarding my hard work with a night of R&R (‘cause I’m a Mom and that’s how I roll).
  5. I’m going to start the work day tomorrow by putting a big red X through my office calendar. The countdown for acceptance or rejection is on.








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