Dare to Suck


You heard me. Everyone says, dare to be unique, different, bold, daring, and all those other lovely verbs most of which are vivid descriptions of what a person could be if they applied themselves (as a writer in this instance) or maybe already are or already relate to or know someone with some or all of these character traits. Today my friends, I tell you all, dare to suck. In fact, don’t just dare it: succeed in spades.

Prologue: I was on my way to have dinner with the family when for no reason at all I struck up a conversation with someone about their music. (The giveaway was the guitar case on their lap. It turns out they have a passion for music like most people have for the ones they love. Their passion is intense and admirable. So they tell me about how they became a musician, how they started and stopped playing guitar when they first began yet they pushed on to become a great musician and yet they always manage to still sit in with the crowd when they jam with friends.

“You know one of these days you’re going to have to take a chance, dive in, and just do a solo.”

“Dare to suck.”

“Excuse me?”

It turns out daring to suck it something admirable in the music industry, for a musician, it’s doing your first solo. For us writers it would be to just go out there and give it your all and you dare to suck at something you love by taking action towards a writing goal. That’s when you (eventually) find out how good you are at it. What matters is you do your best.

As writers we sometimes hum and haw over whether or not to send out our finished queries, manuscripts that we’ve written sometimes over and over. (The most rewrites I’ve done on my novella was 4). So today I say to you: Dare to suck. Take that big first step, however small or big it may actually be and do something that will bring you closer to publication or becoming an author. Take a course, start your first book, start your second book, send out that book proposal, query, or pitch that movie idea, write your first article, memoir, fiction novel. (You get the picture). If you don’t have a goal then that could be your dare: create one.

Dare to suck and pass it on.

That time I dared to suck and wrote and made my first short film:




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