There were no love letters written in the notebook I lost, no confessions to crimes of any kind, no I.O.U’s, grocery or honey do lists, no secret missions, no confessions of secret lovers, no crimson lipstick kisses on the faded blue lined pages paper to fix my lipstick, no cheques attached, no dog-eared pages, no poetry from my youth, no notes on famous people?, no directions to the moon (or back for that matter), no regrets, no heartbreaks that actually happened, no heartthrobs, no plans for vacations, no numbers that I actually needed ( I hope), no larger than life events that weren’t made of fiction, no news on that publishing contract I’m waiting to get, no passwords that might have held the gateway to personal info, no personal info, no, there was nothing written that mattered at all unless:

A fictional crime was committed and a character confessed, an I.O.U was written with said found, new-to-them paper, grocery lists were made for someone else’s honey, secret missions were being planned by characters, confessions were being given to secret admirers, lipstick stains were those of the finder, cheques were written for the pages of their youth that were later written in poetry by said finder on pages they dog-eared, famous people bought copies of said finder’s later released found notes and they then wrote their address for adoring fans, the moon was within reach for those who dared to believe they could do the impossible, heartbreaks happened anyhow, heartthrobs were all around, vacation plans were made with the blank pages that remained, the people whose numbers I may have needed? called me for no apparent reason and then I have lost not, the fiction in those pages was larger than life, the news of a publishing contract found me, of course the passwords got changed, otherwise it may have contained personal info that was already made public.

In short, I want my notebook back. The universe has swallowed it whole somewhere in its vast space and despite me owning a few *cough other notebooks, this is the one I need, the one with the outline to the plot I have been working on most recently, the one with the heartbreak, the drama, the tension the, the d*mn outline and the only copy of it at that. #stopwritingoutlineslonghand #makebackupcopies #makebackupcopies #makebackupcopies.

I retraced my steps back to the coffee shop, public transit, and walked the path I went that day at least a thousand other times. If you see said notebook with said details, let me know. It may (or may not) be what I lost. On the bright side, that day I met a very business savvy author that day for those of you focused on the business side of writing. In-depth interview coming soon.



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