A Writer’s Affirmation

Happy New Year. I am starting 2018 with the belief that I am a good enough writer. I may not be the best writer, I am not yet or may never be a best-selling writer, but my work stands on its own and is comparable and worth only to that which I give it. I am my own worst critic and by the same measure, I am my own best influencer.
I will start the year believing that no matter how many pieces I do or do not sell or manuscripts or scripts that get published or produced that I will have tried my best.
I will not compare myself to the writers to the left and right of me, whether you are friend or foe, celebrity or closet writer. I have realised I am and always will be worthy to be called a writer because I write. Because I answer the call to put words to the page when some never do or will.
I will not judge my success by quantity but quality of my work. I am not someone else, whom may be able to write a book in a day. I am only myself and therefore will only write how much I can according to what I can at the pace I can in the best way I know how.
I am me. I am a writer. I will spend 2018 writing with the aspiration that one day my words will make a positive difference in the life of a reader.



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