The Importance of Good Writing Tools

Today I discovered the long held secret to getting writing done on the computer in the internet age: get a crappy computer that needs replacing – I can’t access the internet on my computer anymore. Troubleshooting was ineffective.
These last few months have been difficult for me. I have been recovering from a serious concussion. This has seriously affected my ability to write anything – grocery lists included, without a great deal of effort that people without head injuries might not consider something they are taking for granted. It has also affected my speech which makes stringing sentences together as eloquently as I once could at times something I would rather not do. It is easier to sit quietly. But I am a fighter.
In December I couldn’t write- anything. It was just too hard for my brain to send the message to my hands to form the words to type on the page. Gradually I started writing words, then sentences. There are days like yesterday where a paragraph is the most I can digitally spit out but it is an accomplishment and I own it. I have to settle for small successes that are really trivial if you don’t have these issues but big steps in recovery for me, as I do.
I worked through and completed the final draft of Witness. It has been sent to several production houses for consideration while I work away at getting an agent for the body of work I have amassed as a freelance journalist, blogger and author.
I am privileged to be in the company of skilled writers in the Ottawa film industry who have helped me keep my expectations realistic as a first time feature writer. That said, I am outlining a second script now and undertaking the project March first to be completed in thirty days.
Another project I undertook was writing a non-fiction entry for the Toronto Star short story competition. It took me five days to write just under 2, 500 words and it is nowhere as articulately strung together as I was writing five or six months ago but it is better than nothing.
It took me twenty one years to learn that a writer ought to constantly be producing work in order to hope for any level of personal or professional success in the future.
It was pointed out to me by a senior scriptwriter that if agents want to see my work and I can only produce one script I may lose out on a valuable opportunity to get picked because contender number two, three or four might have two or more scripts which makes them a more desirable client even if my level of writing is competitively comparative to theirs. (Thanks for telling me that – you know who you are).
Also in the works I have heard back from two publishers’ about my children’s picture book Christmas is Still Coming but I have several more I am waiting on responses from before I share my progress.
Cleaning out my old e-mail the other day I could have kicked myself (figuratively speaking) as I found an invitation to do a signing for the first children’s book I wrote which was published in 2015. I will never know what success I might have seen from that. (The e-mail was two years old).
So mostly, I have been in recovery for my health but I am planning to blog more now that writing is becoming something I can manage for short periods. What writing projects have you been working on? I’d love to hear about your writing challenges and successes.
Ciao for now.



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