Children’s author, writer, editor, blogger and freelance journalist Kelly Buell, resides in Ottawa, Ont. From 1999- 2001, Kelly studied Journalism-Print at Algonquin College and graduated with a diploma. Her work has appeared in publications since then including, Nunatsiaq News, Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine, Byline Magazine, Ottawa Star, The Ottawa Xpress, The Ottawa Citizen, and Capital Xtra. Kelly received a post graduate certificate in Creative Writing through Humber College in 2014. Aside from blogging, Kelly also has a passion for family, screenwriting, photography and editing manuscripts. Kelly’s first children’s book Loved Like me was released December 2015.

To give you an idea of the type of writing she has done in the past here is a list of some of her publishing history.

Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine March 2017

Nunatsiaq News

Freelance Photographer October 2016-present

Producer and story writer of Say It Once More With Feeling screened at Sparta 2016

Story writer of ABSTRACT  which won best use of Catch (which incorporated a particular item into the script as well as the theme of community) at Sparta 2016

How to Write a Children’s Book and Get it Published March 2016

Loved Like Me, her first children’s book was released December 2015.

Toy Box Memories, the first short she wrote was produced and headlined Sparta  in Sept. 2015

Byline Magazine July/August 2015 edition…/Vol32No6-July-Aug-2015….

Mischievous Muses…/wp-content/…/Vol32No6-July-Aug-2015.pdf

Byline Magazine

Conducting Effective Interviews May/June 2015 edition

 The Ottawa Star           2015

Byline Magazine

Just Get To It February 2015

Capital Xtra Weds. March 22, 2006

Broom Buddies descend on Ottawa, by Kelly Buell

Capital Xtra August 11, 2005

Fearless and Brave, by Kelly Buell

Capital Xtra June 19, 2003

The Ottawa Citizen                  Thursday February 19th, 1998

A softer Sass Jordan to sing at Hard Rock Café, by Kelly Buell

the Ottawa Xpress                       Thursday October 30, 1997

Grass roots service nixed for unemployed women , by Kelly Buell

the Ottawa Xpress                      Thursday September 25, 1997

The Ottawa Xpress           The Never ending story….Squeegee-ers: A Solution?

Thursday September 11, 1997                         by Kelly Buell

the Ottawa Xpress

Getting the kitty population boom under control, by Kelly Buell

The Ottawa Xpress                                           August 21, 1997

Students hope for the best Expect the worst, by Kelly Buell

The Ottawa Xpress                                              August 14th, 1997

Squeegee Kids: A Brutal Summer in the National Capital, by Kelly Buell

A few of her editing credits include:

The Blue Pendant By Susan A.Jennings

Blue Heron Mysteries Book Two for stories By  Susan A. Jennings

I have also taken on national and international editing contracts for authors and I have done story editing for producers.


2 thoughts on “The Woman Behind the Blog

  1. Hi Kelly
    will have a look around your blogs and writings
    WOW. Thanks for all the follows, Kelly (had no idea!)



    Best wishes from the First City to see the light

  2. Hi Kelly,
    I’ve just read this post, “Money for nothing…” and you are so right. We need to just keep our eye on our own work, and our own prize, and not worry what others are doing, or not.
    Thank you for following my blog, With Humour and Hope. I’ve been doing a lot of other writing lately and haven’t had the energy to keep up with the blog. That will change. I feel the “fires” burning.

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