How to be a Successful Business Writer

When Kristy wrote her first book she had gone from being a vet tech to becoming an entrepreneur home staging and later would become a successful three-time author. Kristy Morrison built her career from the ground up and has reaped her success in spades. Make Life Happen, the influencer’s latest self-help and business guide for the savvy business man and woman is a must-read you don’t want to miss out on if you have dreams of business success or are even thinking of becoming an entrepreneur.

Morrison says she learned her marketing skills through trial and error. “I read a lot actually.” Morrison says when asked how she learned everything she needed to know about becoming a successful business woman. During the interview she points to a gap in the publishing industry that even now is just beginning to fill. There aren’t and haven’t been until as of late a lot of books on business written by and even for women. So what does she do? She identifies a gap in the market and she fills it.

“Building my business in the past few years there wasn’t a lot of business female authors as there are now. I love Arlene Dickenson. I think more recently when it comes to female authors they are coming out more recently. I didn’t really have any to grow up with or learn through my early ages of business. I think maybe that was why I was like, I need to write a book. (She laughs). Get more women book writers out there!” And then, she did.

Her first book Competitive Edge: Transform Your Home and Maximize Profits through real world home staging cases is an informative read. Especially if you want to learn from a pro. “For Competitive Edge I worked 10-14 hours a day. I hammered out the core notes of that book in I’d say, a month.”

Morrison says Successful Systems: A Home Stagers and Decorators Guide which is her second book covers all principles based on how she built her business. It received glowing reviews and has contributed to her already impressive following on social media. “I wrote it just last year. It only took me about six months to start finish and deliver.” Morrison says.

And she has recorded the results of what efforts such as hers produce in the business world with a bit of hard work and perseverance in her latest book Make Life Happen which saw its book launch July 13th.

“When I have a goal in mind and I just keep going for it so regardless of whether someone tells me I can or can’t succeed, someone tells me I’ll never make it, someone tells me it’ll never work, someone tells me I’m crazy for thinking of trying I ask myself: Why? And I think that question Why? Why are they saying this has pushed me to seek out the answer, it means I just had to go forward.” Morrison says, so she did.

“I never thought in my life I would ever write a book ever. That was never a goal of mine.” Morrison says and when asked if she enjoys the author or entrepreneur aspect more she points out that she is a very strategic woman. “I don’t look for things that I’m passionate about to make money with I look for things that can deliver me to my passions.” Morrison says. A long term goal for Morrison is to have an animal sanctuary.

Is the ability to life a fulfilling life at our fingertips? Can everyone be as successful as Morrison? “Everyone’s different and I find, I personally feel every single person in this world can have success because success is defined by the individual first of all, so we need to define what it success to that person? Is success to you having multi millions of dollars? If so, you’re going to have to work really, really, really hard. Or is success just as simple as being happy?”

“Everyone’s goal is different and that’s why I love the women in this book Make Life Happen that I was able to feature have different backgrounds, different walks of life, different stories, different struggles and they were all able to achieve their own version of success.”

“I never thought of myself as an influencer until people started walking up to me and they’re like wow you really inspired me to do this, you really made a difference in my life.” Morrison says. Her writing also speaks for itself and it comes as no surprise that the results can be life changing once you’ve read her latest book from cover to cover.

“The best part of the book Make Life Happen for me out of the whole thing, painting the vision of hope and that you can do anything as long as you are willing to commit to the learning process, I’ll say. Everything in life is a learning process.” There is much to be learned between the pages of her three books and on her blog



























Portfolio, publicity or pay? Are you a writer? You could have it all.

There is a time to give writing freely that your words may make a difference in the lives of others.
There is a time to give writing freely that your words may make a difference in the lives of others.

Attention novice and not so new writers: You CAN get paid to write!

I am an avid social media user. I love surfing the web to different sites hoping to find a contract that catches my fancy. A magazine that might be looking for a feature article, a literary magazine that might want to publish my prose. All too often, the ads read great, and they have me hooked, until I see the last line, which usually reads something like: We are sorry but we cannot pay our writers at this time. Great for your portfolio! Also great for students.

The last two statements are and aren’t true and/or helpful in many ways. While some publications honestly do not have the capital to pay writers for their work, there are plenty that do. So why settle for less than you deserve? To the comment regarding great for students: That’s what magazine and newspaper internships and college and university papers are for!

There are two sides to this page, I mean post, metaphorically speaking. It is beneficial to accrue clippings together that demonstrate to an editor you are a writer capable of procuring great articles, stories, essays or whatever form of writing it is you happen to be working at. At the same time, there are ways that are more beneficial to you as writers to do this yourselves, without sacrificing your talents to a publication that A) May not have built a solid reputation in the writing industry yet. B) May have volunteer staff editing your work. (This means they too are in the building their portfolio stage) and therefore your work could be likened to their sacrificial guinea pig and C) You might have sold to a publication that pays if you had given it a shot. Did you try querying editors before giving it away? If not, why not? Try making a list of the pros and cons to trying this out.

A lot of writers starting out sell themselves short by thinking that their best bet is to work for free before seeing if a paying publication is interested in their work. In my experience, the protocol of a volunteer writing position is not much different than a paid one, except at the end of the day you may be the one who is not getting a pay cheque while someone with equal experience has grabbed life by the balls, so to speak and demanded what is rightfully theirs: pay for their blood sweat and tears.

A writer who volunteers their writing for publication and writers who are paid for their work are not very different at all, both write rough drafts, edit, get feedback, edit their work, resubmit and eventually (hopefully) have their work published after all that effort, except that one of them is getting a pay cheque. Which writer are you?

Contrary to what I’ve said, there are instances where writing for free is absolutely a grand idea. Writing for free is great for personal enjoyment, if it is a personal quest, if it’s for your church bulletin, if you are participating in writing events with other writers like or

As a child do you remember knowing anyone who got in trouble at school and the teacher tells/told them to write a line twenty or thirty times? This kind of writing was ALWAYS done for free.

Memoir writing, again because we often do it for ourselves is a great form of writing that I would encourage anyone to do for free, but I would not encourage anyone to part with their work for free who has done so. I started writing a memoir a while ago and never got back to it. It is a genre of writing that takes a great aptitude for storytelling and a lot of knowledge of how – to on the genre, which I am still acquiring.

Retractions when appropriate, should always be written promptly, freely and with sincerity. Confessions to the police – seek legal counsel, I’m a writer. Writing letters to your mom or dad may be old school but never goes out of fashion and these letters should be written freely and where at all possible sealed with love. Writing memos not to forget your ten or fifty-year wedding anniversary, you betcha it better be written on the calendar or somewhere visible to you and you better not expect to get paid to do it (I hope).

Writing random acts of kindness notes, I’m not sure what the term for that is coined, but those notes that people leave in random places, like in lipstick on the bathroom wall, You are awesome, keep believing in yourself and such things to make people feel good, those are great too. Those may never get published but they are bound to make someone feel better about themselves and that in itself I find is always rewarding on some level.

Contributing your work towards anthologies that benefit causes like finding a cure for cancer, absolutely take the time to invest your work voluntarily. It is a feel good thing when you know your work is going to result in funding that will help worthy causes.

The last exception I would make for myself on when it is a good idea to write for free is if you are maintaining a blog on something of interest to you. I do and the rewards come in coffee breaks and meetings at my desk with my muse which often leads to writing work for which I am paid.

But (yes I started another sentence in a post with the word but again) please, if you have researched a subject, interviewed your sources thoroughly, sourced or taken photos that go with your article, take a chance on yourself and query editors before giving away your hard work. The same goes if you have written any other form of prose or poetry.

I took on a photography contract recently, which is odd because if anyone asks what I do for a living, first I say I am a mom and then I say I am a writer. The word photographer never comes into play. So someone randomly asked me if I was a photographer and I said, “No, I just like taking pictures.”

“You take pictures, so you are a photographer,” the person replied. “Too many people think you need a certificate to be an expert at something.” I smiled because understood what the person was saying.

You write, so you are a writer.

Now take a chance on yourself. If you have a tendency to volunteer your writing to publications, next time query an editor with something you have written.